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VRS (Virus Respiratoire Syncytial)

Le virus respiratoire syncytial (VRS) est un virus répandu qui affecte habituellement le nez, la gorge et les poumons. La plupart des infections graves par le VRS se produisent chez les bébés et les jeunes enfants.

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A walker can help you walk if you have leg, hip, or balance problems, or if you are generally weak. A walker can support up to half of your body weight. There are different kinds of walkers: standard walkers, walkers with wheels, and walkers with wheels and seats.

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Working After Retirement

Retirement is seen as a time when you can stop working and spend the rest of your life slowing down and enjoying leisure activities. However, you may want or need to work after retirement. Many Canadians who are not yet retired say that they plan to do some kind of work for pay after retirement.

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Le zona est une infection des nerfs causée par le même virus que la varicelle. Ce virus est appelé varicelle-zona. Vous ne pouvez pas avoir le zona à moins d’avoir déjà eu la varicelle (normalement, quand vous étiez enfant).

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